Mullet Mama: Full-Time in the Front, Party on the Holidays

I am a full-time teacher, and one of the greatest fortunes of my career is that I get holidays and summers home with my children. It is a blessing, but it is also a real challenge.


I love working. I like having something that is just mine and has nothing to do with the rest of my family. I like feeling challenged. Being a teacher definitely does all of this for me. The downside of working full-time is that during the work week I have limited time with my family. We wake up around 5am, get ready and go! After work and picking up the kids from daycare it’s a countdown to get everything done before bed. My 1 year-old eats dinner, gets a bath and then goes to bed.Β  My 4 year-old gets a little bit of playtime in addition to that. The weekends are full of running errands and scheduled activities. I wish this schedule provided for more quality time with my children.

Being a teacher, there is a good break from work every few months. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and Summers. I love having this amount of time off with my family, especially around holidays.Β  It allows me some extra time to get things done and it provides the quality time I need with them. The struggle with this is that young children thrive on routines and consistency. Their schedule changes over these breaks whether you intend to or not. With holidays and vacations, there is a lot of time but also a lot to get done.

A teacher’s schedule seems ideal for a parent, and it does have some advantages over other careers. Although I do feel that I go from one end of the spectrum with little quality time to bouts of time with so much time I don’t know what to do with it. I am always searching for balance with my work and personal life, and this is one of those things I will have to continue work on.