Me Time


Once you become a parent, you read often about how you need to take care of yourself in order to take better care of others.  “You can’t fill from an empty cup” and all that.  Here are some ways that I take care of me.


I haven’t been able to find a lot of time to read anymore.  Mainly because I fall asleep if I sit down anytime after 8pm.  I have found my love for podcasts.  There are so many topics available, that I can use them for educational and/or entertainment purposes.  I also have the time to listen to them because I can play them in the car when my son is occupied (by DVD’s…. #momguilt).  Here are some of my favorites:

The Bobby Bones Show– I have listened to this morning radio show since 2004 when they were in Austin, TX.  The past several years they have been in Nashville, TN and are centered around Country music.  I don’t listen to Country music, but I love hearing about the host’s personal lives and experiences.

Half Size Me– Heather is the host that has lost an extreme amount of weight.  She shares her experiences, and has guests that share their weight loss experiences or health/fitness expertise.  I have learned quite a bit about fat loss, weight lifting, and mindset through her podcast.

True Crime Podcasts- Some great binge-worthy true crime stories that you probably have heard of are SerialS-Town, and Dirty John.  If you haven’t listened to these, run do not walk to download!



I fortunately have a lot of family that live close to me that will take care of my kids for a few hours or occasionally overnight.  I am also a high school teacher, so I have access to several teenagers that I can ask to babysit.  I am a little bit of a control freak about my kids and their routines, so I don’t have other people watch them very often.  I have to remind myself that if I need “me time” or more time with my husband that I need to use the help that I can get.  It gives me a little refresher or time to relax in order to be better when I return to my mom role.


Plan Ahead

I am a big planner and fan of to-do lists, so I will continually recommend finding ways to plan ahead.  Sundays are my days to meal prep, clean and organize my house, and plan for the week.  I have found that if I plan out my meals for the next week, prepare a grocery list, cook and clean in bulk that I can get more time during the week for my family and for ME.

How do you find ME time? And… please share any podcasts that you love.  I am always looking for new ones!

Luncheons and Parties and Banquets, Oh My!

Treat Yo' Self

The holidays themselves pose a lot of problems for those on a weight loss journey.  Being a teacher this time of year serves even more difficulty.  My department had a luncheon last week, we have school-wide gatherings next week, and then the students will start to give treats to their teachers before they leave for the break.  I have come up with a few strategies for myself to implement this year…

Keep on Movin’

I am doing the Kelsey Byers’ Merry Fitness Challenge until December 24th.  My goal is to not miss a workout for the entire challenge, and then find another program to start December 26th.  I have found in the past that if I splurge, I will just write the day off and keep eating and stop exercising.  Even if I have a few extra treats, I still need to workout in the way that I set out to do.  I used to be of the mindset that if I messed up, I would just give up until the next week.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, because when you really think about it logically it makes absolutely no sense!

Be Prepared

When I indulge, I usually choose foods that are bready, fruity, chocolatey or cheesy.  This skyrockets my fat and sugar intake.  In order to combat this, I need to meal prep all of my meals outside of the parties.  These meals need to provide sufficient protein and more veggies.  My goal is to offset some of the holiday treats and not derail myself from any progress I have made.

Treat Yo’ Self

It is inevitable to avoid ALL treats (at least for me).  So, I will make a plan on how and when I will indulge.  I may allow myself one dessert, or eat whatever I want on one plate without seconds.  When I eat something sugary I rarely can just eat one serving, so I really have to watch myself.  Even when an unplanned goody comes across my desk, I need to stop and think about how I can include it.  The goal is to avoid mindless eating!

Stick To It

All of the above strategies will work for me, but only if I stick to them! Planning is key, but following through with those plans is what creates real change.  A way that I can help myself stick with a plan is by telling someone else.  This creates accountability, knowing that if I tell my husband then I can prove it to more than just myself.

What strategies do you use to keep yourself in check?