Non-Scale Victories

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Weighing yourself on a scale can be very misleading.  The number on the scale can be influenced by fat loss, muscle gain, hormones, water retention, inflammation, and so on. It is important if you want to see real progress in fat loss (and not “weigh” yourself down mentally) to find other ways to measure progress.

Non-Scale Victories

Other Ways to Measure

There are two other ways that I like to physically measure my fat loss progress. A consistent measurement tool is using measuring tape to calculate the inches of each area of the body. Keep in mind that you should measure in the same spot each time and take measurements on a regular basis (i.e., every Friday or every 1st of the month).  See this article from for the proper way to take body measurements. I have seen a lot of people gain weight on the scale, but their body measurements get smaller.

The other physical measurement of fat loss can be your clothing.  Water retention, muscle gains, etc. may also affect how your clothes fit, but this can be a good gauge on your progress.  I also like to give myself a goal outfit or piece of clothing to work toward as another way to motivate myself.

Lifestyle Wins

The weight on the scale is not going to be a straight downward slope, there will be ups and downs. To help keep your focus on the goal and motivate your through the journey it is important to find behaviors, daily tasks or mental shifts that have improved as a result of your healthy choices. Examples of these type of non-scale victories can be saving money by skipping the drive-thru, fitting into your old favorite jeans, having the confidence to cross over into the side of the gym with the heavy weights, walking up flights of stairs without having to catch your breath, and the list goes on.  Find what will motivate you based on your lifestyle, or search #nsv or #nonscalevictory on social media for inspiration.

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