Grocery Pickup/Delivery Reviews

Grocery pickup and delivery services came into my area right when I started having children. I don’t use these services every time I need groceries, but they have definitely come in handy when I don’t have a lot of time to grocery shop with two little ones.  It has also been helpful in meal planning for weight loss, because I shop for exactly what I need. Here are my experiences…

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Walmart Grocery

This was the first grocery pickup that I tried.  A couple years ago they were starting out test locations near my work, so I decided to try it out on my way home. I have since tried it at another location near my home as well.  I have had a good experience each time I have used Walmart Grocery.


  • Convenience- You can order online or use their app. You can also “check-in” to the app when you are on your way, so you no longer have to call when you arrive.
  • Service- The wait time has always been reasonable, and the employees have been polite.
  • Product- They rarely have had to substitute or cancel an item that I ordered.  When they have substituted an item, the new item has been a similar product or even better than I originally ordered.


  • Product- In general, I do not go to Walmart for meat or produce.  The quality is just not what I am looking for.  So considering this, I only use this service when I just need some packaged items. I will not be able to completely substitute my regular grocery trip with just this pickup order.

Kroger ClickList

I was very excited about Kroger introducing this service for a few reasons.  It is the closest grocery store to my house and their products are overall very good. Unfortunately, I have not had any good experiences with this and I have used their service on multiple occasions.


  • Product- Kroger has a great selection of meat and produce. I try to include as many fresh foods in my weekly meal plan, so Kroger is where I need to go to get these things.  They also have a good variety of healthy packaged foods.


  • Service- This is the reason I will not use Kroger ClickList. Every single time I have used them there has been something wrong with the order and/or wait time.  I have waited 30+ minutes for an order, and on one occasion I came at the beginning of the hour timeframe and was asked to come back later because the order was not ready. There has also been more than one time where items were missing from my order that were supposed to be there, i.e., all the frozen items. I have spent a lot of time notifying Kroger of my issues and I have only been offered a $20 gift card if I came in and found the store manager.
  • Convenience- When I last used ClickList, they only had ordering through their website and not on their app yet.  Adding a feature to their app for ClickList would definitely improve the convenience of this service.


I have only used this service one time when I was not able to grocery shop and was fed up with Kroger ClickList.


  • Convenience- The online ordering and using their app was very user friendly and efficient.  Obviously the delivery to your home is a huge benefit as well!
  • Product- I had a variety of grocery stores to choose from, so I was able to choose Kroger again for their products without using their pickup service.
  • Service- The employee that worked on my order was very friendly when communicating through text message, and the app notified you when an item wasn’t available for you to choose an alternative.


  • Convenience- They have a great idea of allowing the customer to choose in real time what product they want if the original is not available. However, in my case I was busy with other things at home (which is why I didn’t have time to shop myself) and I found it a little aggravating to have so many notifications.
  • Price- There is a delivery fee and tip on top of the grocery bill.  It’s a little expensive for me, but I can see why some people would want to pay for it.


Walmart Grocery will be the service that I will use most often because of the convenience and service without the extra cost.  Grocery shopping on my own will still have to happen on a regular basis so that I can get all of the fresh foods I want.

I will not rule out Instacart though, because they have a great service but it is not something I am prepared to pay for on a regular basis. It would be great for when you’re stuck at home from illness.

There are more services out there, so I will try more in the future to keep striving for balance!

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